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用iPad远程操控电脑 是魔鬼还是天使:亚博Web版登入界面页面

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本文摘要:I am typing this paragraph remotely on my home Windows PC, using an iPad in the middle of a Macys in a mall, over the Internet. I am using the latest PC version of Microsoft Word for Windows, which doesnt run on the iPad. Yet I have full access to all of its features and to the computers file system and other programs, and I am able to use them via the iPads touch gestures and keyboard, without a stylus. The iPad is controlling the PC, which is a couple of miles away. 你现在看见的这段话,是我在一家梅西百货(Macys)店里,通过网络用一部iPad在我的Windows家用电脑上打出来的。

I am typing this paragraph remotely on my home Windows PC, using an iPad in the middle of a Macys in a mall, over the Internet. I am using the latest PC version of Microsoft Word for Windows, which doesnt run on the iPad. Yet I have full access to all of its features and to the computers file system and other programs, and I am able to use them via the iPads touch gestures and keyboard, without a stylus. The iPad is controlling the PC, which is a couple of miles away. 你现在看见的这段话,是我在一家梅西百货(Macys)店里,通过网络用一部iPad在我的Windows家用电脑上打出来的。我还用于了不与iPad相容的近期的Windows PC版Microsoft Word文档,不过我却能用于它的所有功能,也能采访电脑上的文件系统和其他程序,而且还能不必手写笔、而是通过iPad的触控手势和虚拟世界键盘来用于它们。

是的,我是在用iPad掌控几英里外的PC电脑。This feat was made possible by a new iPad app Ive been testing called Parallels Access, released Tuesday, which can remotely control either a Mac or a Windows PC. It isnt the only iPad app that can remotely control computers, but of the ones Ive tested, it does the best job of treating the computer programs it accesses as if they were iPad apps, without sacrificing functionality. The programs continue to reside on the computer. 让这一先例变为有可能的是一款取名为“Parallels Access”的新款iPad应用于,最近我仍然在测试它。

这款应用于8月末公布,它可让你远程操纵Mac或Windows PC电脑。它并非唯一一款可远程操纵电脑的iPad应用于,但在我测试过的应用于中,它在像处置iPad应用于一样流畅处置它采访的电脑程序、同时又不壮烈牺牲功能这方面是展现出最差的。那些程序都之后保有在电脑中。

Parallels, a company based in Seattle thats best known for its namesake program that allows Macs to run Windows, calls this appifying your computer programs. What it means by this is that it adapts them to the iPads familiar interface, including app launching, touch gestures, scrolling and text selection. 它的开发商是西雅图Parallels公司,该公司最著名的产品是可使Mac电脑运营Windows程序的Parallels软件。该公司称之为Parallels Access就是将你的电脑程序“苹果化”,意思就是使那些程序适应环境iPad的少见界面,还包括应用于的启动、触控手势、页面的滑动和文本自由选择等。Unlike many others, it doesnt force you to constantly try and emulate the precise mouse pointer for which most of these computer programs were designed. It runs them like iPad apps, in full screen, and at the iPads resolution, yet preserving full functionality and the ability to switch among open apps and windows on the computer. It works over both Wi-Fi and cellular connections. 与其他许多应用于有所不同,它会强制你大大去尝试和仿真为大多数电脑程序设计的准确的鼠标指针。

它像运营iPad应用于一样运营这些电脑程序,用全屏并且以iPad的分辨率将它们表明出来,同时它还保有了原始的功能和在关上的电脑程序和窗口之间展开转换的功能。它在无线网络和蜂窝网络的环境下皆能运营。Despite some drawbacks, Parallels Access is a very good way to make your iPad more of a productivity tool and to integrate it with your computer, without forcing you to use your iPad the same way you would use a computer. 尽管它不存在一些缺失,Parallels Access仍称得上一个强化iPad的实用功能并使它与电脑融合的十分好的方法,而且它也会强制你以用于电脑的方式去用于你的iPad。

The two biggest drawbacks involve price and file transfers. Access costs a hefty $80 per computer per year, though theres a two-week free trial for every Mac you use. For Windows machines, its free for 90 days because compatibility with Windows is still in the beta phase (though it worked quite well in my tests). Parallels Access仅次于的两个缺点是价格和文件传输问题。它的价格低约每台电脑每年80美元,不过每台Mac电脑能有两周的免费试用期。至于Windows电脑,由于与Windows的相容功能仍正处于测试阶段(尽管它在我的测试中运营得十分不俗),它的试用期约90天。

Also, the app cannot yet directly move files from computers to your iPad, though the company is working on it. For now, to get a file from the computer to the iPad, you have to remotely call up the computers email program and send it to yourself on the iPad, or upload it via a file-sharing service like Dropbox on the computer, and then retrieve it from the Dropbox or similar app on the iPad. 此外,尽管Parallels公司正在希望解决问题这个问题,但该应用于现在还无法必要将文件从电脑传遍你的iPad上。就眼下而言,若要把文件从电脑传遍iPad上,你得远程调用电脑上的邮件程序,然后在iPad上把它发给你自己,或者在电脑上通过Dropbox这样的文件共享应用于将文件上载,然后在iPad上用Dropbox或类似于的应用于检索文件。Another limitation: It doesnt work on Android. The company says it is considering an Android tablet version of Access, but has no immediate plans to release one. 它的另一个局限是,现在它还无法在安卓系统(Android)上运营。Parallels公司称之为它正在考虑到研发安卓系统平板电脑版的Parallels Access,但继续还没公布该应用于的计划。

Heres how it works. First, you download the free app to your iPad, then you install a small companion utility on your Mac or PC, which runs in the background. Then you fire up the Access iPad app and you see a home screen with all of the available computers. Just click on one and the iPad takes it over. The link is established over a secure, encrypted connection, and you can opt to lock the computer and blank out its screen during the remote-control session. You can also opt to require the use of the computers login credentials. 现在就讲解一下Parallels Access的运营方式。首先,将免费应用于iTunes到iPad上,然后在你的Mac或PC电脑上加装一个在后台运营的筛选小程序。接下来,启动iPad上的Parallels Access后,你就不会看见一个表明所有可相连电脑的主屏界面,页面指定一台电脑,你就可以通过iPad来操纵它了。你可通过安全性的加密相连方式来相连电脑,也可选择在远程操纵期间瞄准电脑,让屏幕显示为空白。


你还可选择拒绝用于电脑的指定凭证。Once you have the computer on your iPad screen, you dont see its normal desktop, with tiny icons generally meant for a mouse pointer. Instead, you see a Launcher screen in which your Mac or PC apps are presented like large, iPad app icons. You can add or remove app icons. 开始在iPad屏幕上操纵电脑时,你看见的并非平时那种电脑桌面:桌面上排序着一个个一般来说用鼠标指针来页面的小图标。


You tap an icon and the program -- like iPhoto or Microsoft Excel -- appears in full-screen view on the iPad. I tested a wide variety of Mac and PC apps and all worked fine via Access, with almost no lag, even over a 4G cellular connection. 页面图标后,对应的程序(比如iPhoto或Microsoft Excel)就不会在iPad上全屏表明。我测试了大量有所不同的Mac和PC应用于,它们通过Parallels Access都运营得一挺流畅,完全没迟缓,在4G网络环境下也是如此。Access places a small toolbar at the edge of the screen, which can be moved or hidden. This can take you back to the Launcher, bring up a bar at the bottom that lets you switch among apps and windows, and brings up the iPad keyboard, which is augmented with special keys the iPad lacks, but computers use. These include Escape, Tab, function keys, Control, Alt, arrow keys and the Window key on PCs or the Command key on Macs. Parallels Access在屏幕边缘设计了一列小工具栏,它可被移动或隐蔽。

它可以让你函数调用至主界面,调至屏幕底部一列可让你在各应用于和窗口间展开转换的图标,还固定式出有iPad虚拟世界键盘,它减少了iPad缺少、但普通电脑使用的类似键,还包括Escape、Tab、各功能键、Control、Alt和方向键,以及PC上的Windows键或Mac上的Command键。The toolbar can bring up settings, which allow you to go into mouse mode, just like a PC; reveal the whole desktop; and display the special keys without the whole keyboard. 这个工具栏并能你展开设置:你可以自由选择转入鼠标模式,就像在PC电脑上一样;可以表明整个桌面;可以表明特定的键而不是整个键盘。I was able hear the sound on the iPad from audio and video files, and select various menu items and icons. Access invisibly modifies things like small toolbar icons so that, even if you tap on them imprecisely, they still activate. I even dictated text using the iPad into a program on the remote Windows PC. 我能在iPad上听见音频和视频文件的声音,还能自由选择有所不同的菜单项和图标。

Parallels Access还悄悄改动了工具栏小图标这样的东西,以便让你在即使没点准图标时仍能启动程序。我甚至还通过iPad向远程Windows PC上的一个程序口述输出了文本。

Parallels Access really shines when typing. I was able to type easily on the remote programs. Parallels Access在点字方面显然有出众展现出,我能在远程程序上精彩地点字。When you select text, it brings up the standard iPad selection handles and the standard black iPad control bar for things like copying and pasting, just as if you were in a standard iPad app. For more precise selection, it brings up the standard iPad magnifying glass feature, and if held down a bit longer, it even places a mouse pointer inside the magnifier. I used this to resize a photo in a Word document. (This particular task takes some practice.) 如果你想要自由选择文本,它不会调至标准的iPad文本自由选择捕捉点,以及掌控拷贝和粘贴操作者的标准的iPad黑色掌控佩,它就和用于标准的iPad应用于一样。若想展开更加准确的自由选择,它还不会调至标准的iPad放大镜功能,宽按文本后,放大镜内甚至还不会经常出现一个鼠标指针。

我利用它在一个Word文档中调整了一幅图片的大小。(此任务须要稍作锻炼。) The program includes many touch gestures and taps. A two-finger tap acts like clicking the right button on a mouse and other simple gestures allow things like dragging and dropping. 该程序还包括许多触控手势和页面手势。例如,双手指点斩相等于页面鼠标的右键,其他一些非常简单的手势可以构建拖放这样的操作者。

For Windows 8, Parallels Access places both traditional programs and the Start-screen touch apps together in the Launcher, so you dont have to switch modes. In my tests, it worked well with both kinds of programs. On the Mac, if you are using Parallels Desktop to run Windows programs side by side with Mac programs, both types of programs show up on the Launcher and can be used remotely. 针对Windows 8系统,Parallels Access将传统程序和开始屏幕上的触控程序一起决定在主界面上,这样一来你就不用转换模式。在我的测试中,它在这两种程序中均运营得不俗。在Mac电脑上,如果你想要在Mac程序之外再行用Parallels Desktop来运营Windows程序,这两种程序都会在主界面上表明,而且均可远程用于。

I ran into zero glitches when controlling a Mac remotely. And even though the Windows access is in beta, I ran into only two glitches: a single instance of jittery scrolling in a photo program on the remote PC, and a single instance of lack of audio from the iPad when playing one of many videos I tested remotely. 在远程操纵Mac电脑时,我没遇上任何故障。即使是在用于正式版的Windows程序的过程中,我也只遇上了两个故障:一个是远程PC上的一个图片程序在滑动时经常出现晃动;另一个是在播出我远程测试的众多视频时,iPad下有一个音频没声音。

If youre willing to pay the money, Parallels Access is an excellent way to make remotely controlling a Mac or PC from an iPad a frustration-free experience. 总之,如果你不愿花钱的话,Parallels Access是你顺心地通过iPad远程操纵Mac或PC电脑的绝佳方式。